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Vicon Machinery TDX 16 Station Rollformer

The Vicon TDX 16 Station Rollformer is tooled to produce the T-25b transverse flange (four-bolt) connection. This profile has been evaluated by the SMACNA Testing and Research Institute and meets testing criteria as called for in SMACNA’s HVAC Duct Construction Standards.

The TDX Rollformer is equipped with one set of TDX tooling mounted left outboard and has one inboard and one outboard roll space available for optional tooling based on shop requirements.

Features & Benefits
  • Sixteen (16) Forming Stations for superior quality
  • 18 - 26 Ga. Material Capacity - no adjustments necessary between gauges (16 Ga. option available)
  • 70 FPM Forming Speed
  • Independent adjustment at each forming station with pre-set spring tension
  • Large, heavy duty bearings with inner races and grease fittings protect roll shafts and extend bearing life of the machine
  • Slide out shaft design allows for easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty 1-1/4” diameter stress proof roller shafts
  • Woodruff shaft keys for added strength and precise alignment
  • Hardened infeed guides reduce wear from plasma cut edge
  • 7.5 HP Motor coupled to industrial oil bath gear reducer for quiet longevity
  • Heavy duty roller chain drive, no belts
Tooling Options Location Profile
1-1/8" 20-24 Gauge
Standard Standing "S"
TDX Clip 2-1/4" Material 20-22 ga
16 Station
12 Station

1-5/8" 16-20 Gauge 2-in-1
Standing Seam
1-1/8" 18-24 Gauge 3-in-1,
Tap-In-Lock, Standing Seam &
Right Angle Flange (10 Stations)
2" x 2" Angle,
16 Gauge Capacity
16-20 Gauge 7/16" Pittsburgh
(8 Stations), 1-3/8" Notch
18-26 Gauge 7/16" Pittsburgh
(8 Stations), 1-3/8" Notch
Special Option Available
TDX 16-24 Gauge Capacity
50 FPM
TDX "C" 18-26 Gauge (T-25a) Outboard